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  Table of Contents (Simplified Stair Building)

What Is a Set of Stairs?

Types of Stairs
• Straight Stairs
• Stairs with Landings

Basic Stair Parts
• Stringer
• Treads
• Risers
• Landing
• Handrailing
• Skirt Boards

Stair Building Tools
• Framing Square
• Stair Gauges
• Measuring Tape
• Calculator
• Circular Saw
• Level
• Saw Guide
• Hammer
• Chalk Line

Basic Stair Planning

• First Things First

• Working with Building Plans
     Floor Plan of a Straight Set of Stairs
     Section Plan of a Straight Set of Stairs
     Stair Section with Detail Numbers
     Stair Detail Examples

• Problems Using Building Plans
     Stair Width Problems
     Stair Tread Sticking Into Hall
     Stair Riser Problems
     Incorrect Stair Riser Measurements

• Starting from Scratch
• The 17 1/2 Inch Stair Rule
• Foundation
• Stair Headout
• Measuring The Height
• Stair Riser Measurement Examples
• Measuring The Length
• Stair Tread Measurement Examples
• Stair Stringer Layout
     Basic Tools
     Setting up the Framing Square
     Marking the Stair Stringer
     Laying out the Bottom of the Stair Stringer
     Laying out the Top of the Stair Stringer
     Completed Stair Stringer Layout
     Cutting the Stair Stringer

Building the Stairs
• Attaching Stair Stringer Leger
• Stair Stringer Attachment
• Adjusting the Stair Stringers
• Nailing Stair Stringers
• Cutting and Installing Risers
• Cutting and Installing Treads
• 2x Stair Treads and Risers

Stair Building Codes
• Stair Treads
• Stair Risers
• Stairway Clearance
• Guard Railing
• Gripable Handrail
• Gripable Handrail Height
• Continuous Gripable Handrail
• Baluster Spacing
• Handrailing Extension


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